Doing Lockdown Well…

I have been enjoying hearing stories about how different people are doing lockdown well. I think we all have good days and bad ones and being honest about the bad ones is important but in this article I wanted to focus on the positives.

My parents are a brilliant example of ‘doing lockdown well’. They both retired several years ago but since then have always had busy diaries. They sing in different choirs, attend different groups, are busy with church, house groups, bell ringing, etc. Lockdown has given them the opportunity to hit pause on some of their usual commitments and spend more time together. One of the highlights for us is that each week we all ‘go to the theatre’ together. What that means for me is that I watch the show on my computer or TV and we share messages in our family WhatsApp group about the show (I’m often in my pjs before it starts). My mother has a pre-theatre soak in the bath, they put on their glad rags and have pre-show drinks in the sunshine in their garden and then they go inside to the theatre. They often have slightly ‘posher’ food or plates for their theatre meal. I love getting pictures of their different outfits. My dad even wore his tux and a bowtie one evening.

My technophobe mother has set up weekly Zoom calls for our family. I am one of four children and we span a large geographic area including America. Prior to lockdown we were all too busy to come together once a week for a video call but now we have time. My parents go on bike rides together – sometimes to the bakers in the next village, sometimes to the backwaters nearby them. They go on long walks together and spent hours pottering about in the garden – something they used to struggle to find time to do (my mother does not potter ever; she would probably prefer the term ‘working hard in the garden’).

Lockdown is different for all of us but reflecting on what we are doing well during this unusual period of time is really good for us. I have enjoyed watching the friendship grow between my two daughters. They play games where they spend a whole day or more in a role play – they have been mermaids, orphans, reversed their ages so the younger one becomes the older one for the day and many more. I love their creative play and watching them work together to design their different roles. I have been enjoying learning new crafts, doing some paint by numbers while I help the girls with their work, making rainbow harmony blankets for my siblings. I am going to be honest; I am enjoying the slower pace of life. I have drawn up a plan to landscape the garden – something else I would not normally have time in my life to do. Watch this space to see if the plan comes to fruition!

What can you do to do lockdown well?

Blessings, Caroline

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