Copdock & Washbrook Shoebox Appeal

The youth group has been working hard during the last few months to fill
shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The shoebox gifts go to very poor
children throughout the world – some of whom will have never received a
gift before.

Despite this year proving to be a challenge in so many different ways, the
group has still managed to assemble an amazing 78 boxes!

Work on the boxes had to start earlier this year to be able to work outside
in the better weather and, of course, to be socially distanced. Further
restrictions meant having to split into two separate groups as there were
more than six people and unfortunately, the usual fundraising coffee mornings could not be held.

Theresa Heath said: “Thank you so very much to everyone who has supported the group in any way this year – to everyone who has donated items for the boxes, including hats and mittens from the Knit and Natter group, plus homemade pencil cases, bags, hair scrunchies, and puppets from others, and the very important bars of soap and toiletries. We also thank those who bought a facemask or gave a donation to enable us to buy the items needed to fill the boxes.

“We hope the homemade facemasks have helped all of you, as well as raising much-needed funds for our shoebox appeal. We have to say a big thank you to Mandy and Rick at Suffolk Heritage Antiques Centre and Cat and Charlie at The Brook for stocking the facemasks.”

Although the group has now finished their shoebox appeal for this year, the
facemasks will still be available as soon as The Brook and the antiques centre reopen following current restrictions. Proceeds will go to St Peter’s Church.

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