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Can you find the transport you require? This is the story BSEVC often hear.

“I’m cosy in my room, legs up on the recliner, TV on and a cuppa beside me, but I’m feeling lonely and isolated. My life could be so much richer and happier if only I could get to the local coffee morning and chat with real live people. I worry so much about imposing on busy relatives to get me to my health appointments. I want to visit friends and wander at leisure round the local supermarket. I want some independence.”

At BSEVC, they can help with that transport. From Monday to Saturday, they operate four easily accessible vehicles in Mid Suffolk, Ipswich and Kesgrave. Trips can be booked up to two weeks in advance, longer if it’s for a health appointment.

They also provide a volunteer car service. They have a team of volunteer drivers, who use their own cars to transport you from your home to wherever you need to go.  If it’s a health appointment, the driver will wait for you for up to two hours. Their services can be used by families, individuals, young people and older people. It is for almost everyone.

For local groups and organisations we also have a 15 seater minibus which can be used for your outings. They also provide a fully qualified and experienced driver. Their minibus can also be used by schools and colleges for sports fixtures or day trips.

To provide these services, they rely on volunteer drivers, it’s a very rewarding thing to do and even a couple of hours a month can make such a difference to those who use their services. Drivers are needed to drive their minibus or small people carriers or their two standard cars and they provide training and induction sessions.

If you have a few hours spare and want to find out more please give them a call, there are people in your community who need assistance to get from A to B.

If you are interested in joining the team or if you wish to find out more about travelling with them please contact: 01449 614 271 / [email protected]

For more information, visit:

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