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As I write, I have just heard the sad news about the death of Sir Tom Moore and I really feel for all his relatives and friends. However, I can’t help thinking what an amazing year he has had. What a way to end a life of 100 years!

He will never be forgotten because of the hope and positivity shown by his
actions, as well as the huge amount of money he raised for the NHS.

It started me thinking about all the times I have heard people, from politicians to clergymen and broadcasters, saying that they just want to forget 2020.

Should we really forget Sir Tom Moore and all he did in 2020? We constantly hear about so many sad, bad and unpleasant things that happened in 2020, from people tragically dying to others losing their jobs and livelihoods, that it is helpful to focus on the kind and beneficial things that happened throughout the year as well.

There are many encouraging stories about nature flourishing, people enjoying getting to know and help their neighbours, food banks and other organisations going beyond the call of duty to provide people with the food they need, machinists working tirelessly to provide PPE for front-line workers, teachers providing online lessons as well as working with children in school, keep fit enthusiasts finding ways to help us keep fit and healthy and so many more stories of kindness and fortitude.

Now, we have the vaccines and all the medical staff and volunteers who are making it possible for hundreds of people to get their injections every day and give us hope in 2021. By the time you read this, we might even be close to coming out of lockdown.

We must not forget 2020 but we can learn from it and go forwards, positively, like Sir Tom Moore, who said: “We will get through this, whatever is thrown at us, and together we can ensure that tomorrow will be a good day.”


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