Check Out The Book Swap Nook On Bell Lane

At the start of the third lockdown in January 2021 I realised my love of books could translate into something bigger and better so I decided to create a book swap, or book nook… Call it what you will but my intention was to create a place that could be loved by all.

I sourced the box, formally a hi-fi unit, and set out changing its use. It was redesigned with the help of our neighbour and finally wallpapered inside and painted outside to give it its distinctive purple glow. It was positioned onto the brick wall at the end of our driveway and has been a hive of activity ever since.

The book swap has had a positive effect on the local community and I want everyone to know where we are. We are situated on Bell Lane, opposite Edmonton Close. Our book box is purple and you really can’t miss it.

If you search on Facebook, there are two groups you might find useful, the first being our local book swap group – Book Swapping in Kesgrave – where you can see pictures of books and info on the book swap in Kesgrave. The second is the book swap directory – Book Swap Directory in Suffolk – where we hope to display book swap locations right across the county.

So finally, I will end with…

“the more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.”

Stay safe, happy reading, happy swapping. Meghan Whincop

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