Capel & Suffolk Libraries Update

Have you been keeping up with what we have been up to? Not just us but with Suffolk Libraries too?

You will find loads of actives going on, from Quizzes to Tot Rock and Story times. Have a look at the following pages: –

Facebook – Capel St Mary Library and Suffolk Libraries UK

Twitter – @CapelLibrary and @SuffolkLibrary

Instagram – capellibrary and suffolklibraries

You Tube – Suffolk Libraries UK

Don’t forget if you have run out of books you can go on and download e-audio and eBooks as well as read magazines whilst streaming music or perhaps choose a film or documentary to watch, AND it’s all free of charge. If you haven’t got a library card then you can sign up on that page as well.

Are you struggling to find out Fact from Fiction? Suffolk Libraries has a dedicated page on the Covid-19 which comes from trusted sources. Click on the link to find out more and hopefully answer some of your questions.

In this ever change environment that we find ourselves in please do keep and eye on our Webpages as well as our social media sites to see what is happening with Suffolk Libraries.

Wishing you all the very best, Capel Library

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