Capel St Mary Scarecrow Trail Cancellation

As many of you already know and others of you will have surmised, due to COVID-19 and the need at time of writing for continued social distancing, we have decided to cancel this year’s Scarecrow Trail which was due to take place in early July.

We have left making a decision as late as possible in the hope that the situation would change enough to allow us still to run it, albeit with numerous changes. For example, we would have to ensure that families did not intermingle when viewing (probably impossible), we could not expect the Co-op, Drayton Insurance and Bypass Nurseries to sell entry forms for us when they have enough problems getting their own customers safely through their doors, the church and its hall will not be open, and many prospective scarecrow makers may well have enough on their plates already.

I know that many people will be disappointed, and we have taken into consideration that still running the trail would give the village a much needed shot in the arm. However, there is always next year, so please watch this space in 2021 when we will be announcing the dates for the trail which will probably take place in latish June.

Thanks again to all the makers and trailers who made last year such a brilliant event;  we hope you can support us again next year.  

Regards to everyone and please stay safe, Jim Hill


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