Capel Ladies Club

A coachful of Capel Ladies Club members and friends left Capel at 9.30am on a Wednesday 15th November  for a spot of shopping – whether it be window or Christmas – and a look round for bargains. Their destination was Bury St Edmunds, where it was market day and the town was bustling, but not too overcrowded.

Some of them had a list but most were just browsing or looking to pick up a bargain from one of the many sales that seemed to be on.

One group ventured as far as the cathedral (the model pictured is available to buy as a Lego Kit from the gift shop) where after a look round they took part in a charity fundraising scheme, first launched in May 2016, by buying a Lego brick for £1. The brick will be added to a scale model of the cathedral which is being built to raise funds for a youth outreach project to provide a lasting legacy which can be used by all the community.

Their target is to raise £200,000 (200,000 pieces of Lego) to create the model, and it’s reckoned this could take several years! To date 32,000 bricks have been installed. Only four cathedrals in the UK have been interpreted in this way, and Bury’s is the only build in the East of England. If you visit Bury over the next few months, why not add a brick or two yourself?

At 4.30pm, they all returned to the coach, some carrying bags of goodies and others with heads full of good ideas for gifts. Everyone agreed it had been a successful trip, and it was a nice change to go somewhere different.

To join future trips or simply to enjoy an entertaining evening out, why not come along to one of their meetings?

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