Businesses urged to keep COVID-19 safe

Businesses across Suffolk are being urged to keep COVID-19 safe and follow guidance as well as remembering their legal duty to staff and customers.

With the relaxing of guidance and some laws, Public Services and Public Health want to make sure businesses are aware of their duties and provide help if they can.

Businesses also have a duty of care under law to their staff and customers and need to make sure they have the right protection and procedures in place.

The latest information is provided by the Government at Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance – GOV.UK (

Other useful information can be found at Suffolk Growth which draws together all the guidance from Government and has been developed with Environmental Health Officers, Licensing, Police and Trading Standards PowerPoint Presentation (

People using local businesses, visiting tourist attractions and using hospitality services are also asked to spread kindness and not COVID-19 by following local guidance and where they are able to wash hands, wear masks and leave space.

This is part of the #AddKindness campaign being run by the Suffolk Resilience Forum across the county. Materials are being made available for businesses to remind people who use their or other premises across Suffolk to follow local guidance and help keep businesses open.

The reminder has also been given that the symptoms of COVID-19 may vary. The latest advice can be found at Main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS (

Fiona Quinn, Lead of the Suffolk Safer Places Partnership, said:

“We want to thank everyone who has been looking after one another and supporting local businesses who are trying hard in challenging times. But we would also ask them and businesses to remain cautious and spread kindness, not COVID.

“While guidance has been relaxed and, in some cases, legal responsibilities changed businesses still have a legal duty to protect their staff and customers. Government is asking everyone to be cautious and we would add to that to also be kind. Look out for one another and take precautions or follow the rules asked of you by businesses.”

The Suffolk Resilience Forum is made up of Suffolk Public Services and has been continuing to help provide support to communities and businesses though-out the pandemic. 

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