Brightwell with Martlesham: Sharing Hospitality

We have an update from Rev Margaret Rittman of Brightwell with Martlesham:

I suspect that for most of us, the thing we are most looking forward to now that lockdown restrictions are easing is having a cuppa or sharing a meal with family and friends.

It’s been lovely keeping in touch over the internet but it’s not the same as chatting face-to-face is it? I’ve been fortunate with half my family within travelable distance as we’ve met up outdoors a couple of times and it’s been lovely to watch the grandchildren get up to whatever they get up to whilst the rest of us chat away.

Hospitality is so important to God as well. Throughout the Bible, we read of people entertaining angels and Jesus spent many hours sharing meals with his friends and anyone willing to make him a meal and sit and chat. A favourite picture for many is ‘Light of the World’ by the English artist William Holman Hunt. It shows Jesus standing by a locked and rarely used door waiting for someone to open it and let him in. The verse from the book of Revelations reads, “Look, I’m standing at the door and knocking. If anyone listens to my voice and opens the door, I’ll come in and we’ll eat together.”

So, as we open our doors to family and friends, to chat and share some time together, let’s remember that God is also open to a chat.

Rev Margaret Rittman
Brightwell with Martlesham

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