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Dear Friends,

As I write this letter at the beginning of March, there is a fresh optimism surrounding the remainder of our journey through this pandemic. The Prime Minister announced his ‘roadmap to recovery’ a couple of weeks ago and schools and colleges have reopened. We are still a long way from where we were a year ago and it is quite shocking to think that this pandemic has consumed such a huge part of our lives. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The next big benchmark is March 29 when we will be allowed greater freedom, in a very controlled way, which will hopefully mean that the nation can move to stage two on April 12when we will be allowed to have our hair cut again and maybe start to look half decent once more. Shops, zoos, theme parks, gyms, libraries and community centres will all re-open and, best of all, we can start to take holidays again, so long as they are self-catering. By mid-May we will be allowed to eat out, visit pubs, museums, theatres and cinemas and, if this works without an increase in the infection rate, we will walk free again by midsummer day.

In the Church, we are on our journey through Lent and following a familiar roadmap of our own that will lead us through a series of familiar landmarks on our journey. It is an experience that will lead us through emotions that are particulalry meaningful this year, more perhaps than any other for us as Christians as we remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the events of Holy week leading up to the Last Supper, the betrayal and arrest, the torture, humiliation, rejection and trial of Good Friday, all leading up to the crucifixion. We have all experienced a raft of emotions during the last year and can relate in some way to the early followers of Christ.

Of course, the main thing to remember as we travel on our Lenten journey is that we have the joy of Easter Day as our ultimate goal. That is our light at the end of the tunnel. 

I hope and pray that by June, we will be free of our pandemic experience and will have the freedom to enjoy the things that we may have taken for granted a year ago. Take care as you follow the roadmap, appreciate every landmark as we enjoy newfound freedoms and let’s all keep the end in sight.

With best wishes. Derek

In February, it was lovely to find something unusual in the church postbox – a colourful rainbow face drawn onto a small piece of card with the words ‘Stay Strong’ written on the back!

This was so appropriate in the middle of the third lockdown and meant so much to think that someone cared enough to include us in this act of kindness, that I had to let others know and they were really touched too. Thank you to whoever was responsible for the thought, the making of the card and for delivering it.

 As has been said,

“Small acts of kindness keep the light of Christ burning!”

A happy Easter to everyone, Olive

If you can, do listen to/watch the Easter hymn All Heaven Declares online.

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