Bixley Farm Church: Pop Up Shops and Auctions

An update from the lovely folks at Bixley Farm Church

Snow has descended on Bixley Farm, covering everything in a thick blanket of white and hiding the often harsh, sharp edges and unsightly objects like discarded cans and litter. This calm and beautiful scene can speak to us about the grace of God that is given freely, covering a multitude of griefs and grievances. It also reminds us that under a veneer of respectability and learned behaviour lies many a destructive trait or uncomfortable truth that can emerge unexpectedly and destructively.

We read of all the unpleasant things that others do in our newspapers, on TV and social media channels but we do need to face up to our own failures instead of hiding them, a spiritual detox of sorts.

How about a spring clean for your life? Visit where there are helpful suggestions for doing so and you will also find many other resources to watch, read or listen to. You can also call the church office on 01473 270978 and speak to someone in confidence.

As we are still unable to meet at Tower Hall and other activities are stopped, we are continuing to pray for specific areas each month. In March we will pray for those living in Bladen Drive from Gwendoline Close, towards Broadlands Way, including Clovelly Close, and then Glemham Drive up to and including, Melford Close and Kentwell Close.

With more people struggling to make ends meet, our churches have set up a pop-up shop where you can fill a bag of food for £2. Run jointly by MIE, it is open every Wednesday afternoon from 2-3pm. Whilst it is based at St John’s Church on Cauldwell Hall Road, it is for anyone within the parish, including Bixley Farm, who is struggling financially. No questions asked. No referrals required. No shame. If you are in need, please come along and you will get a warm welcome. Please pray along with us for all who are struggling at this difficult time.

We are also holding an Auction of Promises on March 13 in support of the Malad family who we focussed on in our last article. They are getting towards their target and hope to start building very shortly. The auction will take place at 7pm on Zoom. Please support by joining and bidding for any of the lots (promises) that are currently being donated (e.g., afternoon tea, a gift voucher for Salon 24 hairdressers). There is sure to be something that you will find appealing. Details can be obtained by emailing Jean Potter at: jep. [email protected]

On behalf of the family, we thank all who have given and hope you will help us to raise the final amount.

You are very welcome to join us at our two other churches in MIE at 10.30am on Sunday mornings. Please remember your facemask. If you wish to attend a service, join an Alpha group or find out more about the Christian faith please go to, email the office at [email protected] or call 01473 270978.

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