Bixley Farm Church At Tower Hall

As we move into the second month of COVID lockdown, it’s easy to feel discouraged and feel alarmed. Even as a church, whose very beginnings in the Bible were framed by fear and physical persecution, we feel challenged.
All our exciting plans for spring, especially those to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, have had to be shelved. The biggest loss, of course, is that we can no longer meet every Sunday at 4pm for worship and a time together. Despite not having our own building we think it’s important to have a physical presence in the community and our loss at not being able to meet weekly is keenly felt.

So we are thankful that we are able to join our partner churches within MIE and participate in different online activities, the main one being the pre-recorded joint Sunday services. This has been a great success and, like many other churches, we have tapped into the rich talents of our church members, young and old, to lead, to sing and perform, to tell stories and the technical skills to put it altogether so that people can watch from their homes.

We have also held church quizzes and study and prayer meetings; and just staying in touch with each other, looking out for the needs of those in the church as well as the wider community. We have also run online Alpha courses that help people discover the reality of the Christian faith for themselves.

All these can be accessed via our website: Of course none of this can be a replacement for our physical presence in the community and we look forward to a return to that. We hope to hold more events later in the year, if we can, so look out for those.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more, and join us or join an Alpha group, please contact us via email or phone: [email protected] / 01473 270978.

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