Barista Coffee And Homemade Cake Delivered To Your Door!

Karen and Megan are mother and daughter with a bit of a passion for coffee and cake! Four years ago they considered setting up a coffee shop but decided on a mobile van instead. The Coffee Caddy was born in April 2017 and the rest, as they say, is history. Since attending their first event in June 2017, Karen and Megan have worked on building up a great business round and reputation. Karen bakes all the cakes and savouries that are sold on board. Megan drives the van to the various locations and makes the coffees.

At this time of year they would be doing the Monday-Friday round and attending weekend events such as music festivals, outdoor cinema, sports events and firework evenings. In the current climate this market has all but disappeared but rather than wait for such times to return, this resilient pair have decided to diversify the business by offering home deliveries as well as visiting business/trading estates.

“Of course it has been challenging,” says Karen, “but we love what we do too much to simply stop and some might say the need for coffee and cake has never been greater!”

As an independent company, Karen and Megan have been able to adapt their business model quickly and already have six regular stops.

“Four of our regular stops are to specific addresses and the neighbours come out to enjoy a coffee and social distance natter. In fact we made it into their weekly quiz; the question was ‘What is the colour of The Coffee Caddy van?’”

Now Karen and Megan are keen to schedule visits to more businesses and to do more home deliveries.

“So many of our new customers tell us they have missed going out for coffee and there are others who may not be able to do so for some time yet. Now we can come to them. We just need to spread the word so if you or someone you know would love a visit from The Coffee Caddy please call us.”

All of The Coffee Caddy’s baked goods are homemade and do not contain additives or preservatives. The coffee is from a local roaster and is part of the direct trade scheme which ensures there is a direct link with the growers and the roasting company so the farmers achieve the true value of the produce.

“Our emphasis is on quality and customer service,” says Karen. “Many of our customers enjoy the social aspect of us calling as much as the coffee and we love meeting new people, particularly now when the opportunity to chat and enjoy the company of others is so needed.”

The Coffee Caddy hasa 5* rating from East Suffolk Council. Face mask coverings are worn along with gloves and a stool is set out to place all orders onto at a safe two metre distance. Payment by card or BACS transfer is recommended in order to limit cash transactions.

Barista coffee and homemade cake delivered to your door!

Surely that’s all you need to know but you can see the full menu online at:

Contact: 07745 949001 /

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