Barham Parish Council

Forthcoming Parish Council Meeting
The meeting on May 24 will start with the annual parish meeting and all members of the public are encouraged to attend. The annual parish meeting is a great opportunity to hear what the various organisations have been up to throughout the previous year. However, due to the unprecedented times we have been through, we understand they may not have as much to report as usual. This meeting will be followed by the annual general meeting and both will take place in Barham Church Hall as lockdown restrictions should be lifted by then.

Further Meetings 2021
Mondays 6 September and 6 December
Previously advertised meetings in April and June will not take place.

DK9 Security for Barham
DK9 Security had a busy week in February when they helped pull six cars through the snow. Well done DK9 and a big thank you.

At the recent parish council meeting, it was agreed to renew the contract with DK9 which was due to end on March 13th. DK9 will continue for a further three months until 13 June 2021. However, the patrols will be reduced from seven nights a week to five but will include weekends.

The parish council would like to repeat its thanks to Highway Assurance Limited for their weekly contribution of £150 towards the cost of DK9 and invites other businesses in Barham to contribute. With more funding, we might be able to afford patrols seven days a week.

If you suspect anything suspicious, please telephone the DK9 central
control room on 07912 109335.

Vehicle Activated Speed Sign
Barham Parish Council would like to acknowledge the generous donation of £2,005 from Suffolk County Councillor John Field towards the new vehicle activated speed sign. It was installed last year by the junction of Church Lane on Norwich Road, within the 30mph speed limit. John has been very committed to helping reduce speed through the village.

The parish council is in the process of purchasing a second sign which will
be installed at the opposite end of Norwich Road.

Parish Clerk Melanie Thurston
07837 528187 / [email protected]

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