Artist in Residence Creates Tree Of Art Exhibition at Playford Hall

Theronda Hoffman, local artist in residence at Playford Hall, unveiled her stunning and unique Tree of Art exhibition on March 12.

Known for her creativity and flair, as well as her ‘I live to Paint and Paint to Live’ motto, Theronda’s latest collection was created within the picturesque grounds of the beautiful hall.

In November 2020, Theronda was thrilled to be invited by owners Adrian and Fiona Melrose to be the artist in residence. She began her creative journey by visiting the grounds every Monday since 23 November 2020.

“Being able to visit this stunning location and paint in the peace and tranquillity of these grounds has been an incredible experience” said Theronda.

“Witnessing seasonal changes over the last few months has been inspiring; signs of new life emerging and the power of nature to renew gives us hope and generates positivity. The weather has been challenging at times and I have been painting in temperatures ranging from 18c to -3c, as well as in the rain and snow, but it has all added to the adventure. The squirrels would often perform acrobatic displays, putting on a show, jumping from one tree to another.”

It was one of these squirrels that sparked the inspiration behind this exclusive exhibition. Theronda explains, “On January 4, it was raining and I saw this one squirrel darting towards this huge tree, as I was hanging my umbrella so I could shelter under its branches, it dawned on me that this tree was a fantastic outdoor natural gallery to hang an art exhibition.”

The branches of the Caucasian wing nut tree provide a natural gallery for this unique exhibition. With spring just around the corner, Theronda was determined to complete her installation while the branches were still bare to ensure the best view of her unique work. Theronda used various mediums and techniques and each of the paintings in this unusual exhibition has a unique ‘Tree of Art’ label drawn on the back.

The exhibition was launched online on 12 March and continues until May 1. The studio at Kesgrave Arts will reopen on 12 April.

Please follow the exhibition on where you will find links to a YouTube video about the exhibition, social media links and the online shop.

Theronda is supporting Art for Cure and a percentage of the proceeds will go to the charity.

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