An Update From Kesgrave Town Council

When you are called for your Covid-19 vaccination, you will be asked is for your NHS number. Rather than telephoning your doctor’s surgery, there is a new service you can use to obtain it. You can also use this service on behalf of someone where the name, date of birth and registered home postcode is known. You can then opt for the number to be sent to you by text, email or letter.

The address is:

A message from your match-funded Police Community Support Officer:

I have been trying to get out on foot to engage with the community as much as possible. My priorities within the community are looking into anti-social behaviour, parking concerns and crime prevention, including motor vehicle crime and criminal damage.

If you see me when you are out and about, feel free to come and say hello. I am always happy to give advice and guidance where I can. However, should you wish to report anything to the police, please do this by calling 999 in an emergency or for anything else please call 101 or use the online reporting tool:

Due to Covid-19, the town council will not be organising the annual town litter pick. However, if you decide to do some litter picking whilst out taking your daily exercise, please feel free to leave any litter collected in bags at the town council office and we will dispose of it for you.

Town council meetings are still operating remotely. Please use the enquiry email if you would like to attend any future meetings. The meetings for March are:

Mondays 1, 15 & 29 at 6.15pm: Planning & Development Monday 1, 7.15pm: Finance & General Purposes Monday 15, 7.15pm: Full Council

The town council office is currently closed to the public. For enquiries please email [email protected] (emails will be checked during normal working hours) or telephone 01473 625179 and leave a message (messages will be checked periodically). If urgent, telephone 07763 239776.

If you require the Kesgrave Covid-19 Support Group, please telephone: 07562 296609

Not 24 hours but you can leave a message.

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