All Things Ears…

Leading experts from the world of ‘all things ears’ will speak at an exclusive event in Ipswich next month.

Local hearing care specialists The Hearing Care Centre have taken it upon themselves to try and better educate the public about the help and support that there is out there for people affected by hearing loss and tinnitus.

In the UK, hearing loss affects one in six people (over 11 million people) and this climbs to one in three people aged over 60 years. Sadly, people wait on average 10 years to address their hearing loss, which impacts significantly on their general health and wellbeing. Tinnitus (noises heard inside the head) also affects around 10% of the UK population and research has shown that a high proportion of tinnitus sufferers also experience hearing loss.

The Suffolk Hearing Care and Tinnitus Show, which is free to attend, is on Monday, April 3, 9am-1.30pm, at Kesgrave Community Centre.

As part of the event, The Hearing Care Centre, which has 23 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk, has managed to secure the time of one of the world’s most sought after experts on tinnitus, Professor David Baguley (pictured).

Professor Baguley’s will give attendees a better understanding about what tinnitus is, how it affects us and where researchers are at in their quest to find a solution to the problem. He has over 150 peer-review publications and a PhD in Tinnitus from Cambridge University.

The Hearing Care Centre is run by audiologist and well-known local businesswoman Karen Finch. Who commented,

“I’m delighted to have been able to put this event together for the people of Suffolk. Hearing loss and tinnitus affect so many people but there is still reluctance for people to seek professional help. By organising something like this, it allows people to come and find out information without the pressure of going into a clinic room.

Not only will we have three top speakers for people to listen to, but there will also be an exhibition where attendees can find out about local support groups, assistive products, complementary therapies, removal of earwax, hearing loss charities and more. Guests will even be able to learn about some of latest hearing aid technology that is helping thousands of patients with both hearing loss and tinnitus.”

Although free to attend, places must be booked in advance. For more details call The Hearing Care Centre on 01473 230330 or visit:

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