1st Mid Suffolk Boys Brigade and Girls Association Update

Since Lockdown 1st Mid Suffolk Boys Brigade and Girls Association have been busy staying in contact via post, emails, Facebook, zoom meetings and our online system. The children have been having fun with weekly experiences and activities set by a BB at home programme which has been created for this time. Even the leaders are joining in. The children have grown rainbows, took part in a scavenger hunt, said thanks to the bin men, tightrope walked, climbed Big Ben, made VE day bunting, made prayer bubbles, and built leaning towers of pillows.

The activities are based on Get Active, Get Creative, Get Involved, Get Learning, Get into the Bible, and Get Adventurous areas to create a varied programme. We are sharing photos of the activities being completed, earning points per activity towards the medals, which we are hoping to present to the children at a big party when we can. The children will receive certificates through the post once they have achieved each medal. We shall be creating a book of the photos and the children’s memories of Lockdown 2020. Please take a look at our public Facebook page to take part in the activities and see the fun we are having.

Usually 1st Mid Suffolk Boys Brigade and Girls Association meet on a Wednesday evening at the Boys Brigade hall in Combs Ford on Wednesday evenings. (Anchors, age 5-8,6.15-7.15; Juniors, age 8-11, 6.15-7.30 and Company and Seniors, age 11-18, 7-9). Spaces are available when we return to Wednesday evening.

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