Scorpion Martial Arts Academy

With all of their classes running as normal throughout the summer holidays, a steady flow of students kept instructors and masters busy teaching universal karate, tae kwon do, muay thai and kickboxing. They are blessed to have a truly exceptional group of students training each and every week and instructors and class helpers who ensure that we offer every member the very best in martial arts tuition.

A big thank you to Mel Walmsley (2nd Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing), Mike Oglesby (2nd Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing), Josh Trent (3rd Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing), Master Hannah Povah (4th Dan Blackbelt in Universal Karate), Dave Fell (3rd Dan Blackbelt in Universal Karate), Senior Master Andy Lewis (5th Dan Blackbelt in Universal Karate), senior fight team coach Steve Gill (4th Dan in Kickboxing), events co-ordinator/administrator Heather Mitchell and to all of the junior team leaders/helpers.

Bowing down to pressure from their many junior members, they held our first Scorpion kids combat training session. This was a fun and exciting session, in which the juniors bought along their own soft target guns and had the chance to practise target shooting, sniper training and team building/wars.

Safety glasses and soft foam bullets were supplied and the many juniors who came along, bought a wide variety of soft target guns including a Gatling machine gun. It was such a success that they are going to hold these sessions monthly.

More than 30 junior and senior members/parents took part in the Stowmarket Striders Golden Mile Charity Run. A big thank you to everyone who took part and to Lucy Durrant for organising Team Scorpion. Senior instructor Mike Oglesby was the fastest Scorpion member to complete the course.

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